Visual Art Category

Collage Earrings

Title|My Space Travel 

Exhibition: A Pride Exhibition Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Community
and 50 years of the Twin Cities Pride Festival.JUNE 3 – JULY 8, 2022

Material|  magazine paper, paper, resin, birchwood, gold flakes, rainbow white glitter

Metal| sterling silver

Size| W 2.3 inches H 4.5 inches

Weight| 40.28g

Style| dangle earring

Artist Statement: Gold| Represents Success, triumph | The Person|The person highlighted in the earring has a close likeness of Uhura. The actress Nichelle Nichols was the first Black woman to perform an interracial kiss on Television. She also recruited Black Scientists/Astronauts for NASA and continues to inspire many.




Under Water Collage canvas art

Title: Fresh Water

Exhibition: Love with Pride Art Showcase, Mall of America, June 2–July 28 2022

Materials: Mixed Media (dried baby's-breath, paper, resin, birchwood, tin foil, acrylic paint, canvas

Size: W 14inches, H 18 inch 

Year: 2022

Artist Statement: Submerged in the stories of historical trauma. A face that knows the human experience of exploitation. Their koi crown and the beating sun-shapes guide them in the forever purpose of the afro-futurism.




Exhibit: Blood on the Pavement
Marsha P. Johnson 'don't pay me know mind'

Title: Marsha P. Johnson Portrait

Material: Paper (vogue, food network), photograph by Arlene Gottfried labeled Marsha P., Johnson  Circa 1979, google maps

Dimension: 20"/20" 

Year| 2022

Exhibition: Love with Pride Art Showcase, Mall of America, June 2–July 28 2022

Artist Statement: A photograph by Arlene Gottfried labeled Marsha P. Johnson Circa 1979 is the center image of the piece. This activist, change-maker, and caring person with intersectionalities of being Black/African American and a transgener woman is a leader for us and the afro-centric future. She was known to wear fresh flowers, and feathers and share what she had. She provided. There are fresh vegetables, fruits, lavender, and more in the headpiece she is wearing. These items are the nourishment she provides. 

Surrounding her is a map of Greenwich Village (NYC). It was home for her, and many others. A space of love in a time of horrific systemic oppression. The map is cut into shapes and surrounded by water, representing the purposeful policies that uphold the white body supremacy culture that keeps us intergenerational trauma.  

At the bottom of the piece, there is a handwritten sign that reads ‘Pay It No Mind’ Marsha P. Johnson. This was a common phrase she would say. Flowers, fruits, sweets, and animals are at the roots of the piece. Representing sex, love, and closeness. We are the flamboyant collective.