Meet the Artist

Azania Tripp started Obsidian Pause| Wearable Paper Art in 2015 in Bedstuy Brooklyn, New York. At that time she was and continues to, manage her ADHD/ADD, depression, and anxiety. As an MSW (Masters of Social Work) working in social service and higher education systems, she was continuously angry, navigating and reinforcing racialized historical trauma practices in the workplace.    Azania’s self-care practice is a multi-media collage. The wearable paper art shown here is the result of her healing practice.

Azania believes that when you wear Obsidian Pause| Wearable Paper Art, the art piece will provide you with alchemy magic, love, and action.    Azania uses paper from her travels to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sydney, Australia, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan.  Obsidian Pause| Wearable Art is a microcosm of Azania’s chosen utopian world, using radical self-love aesthetically, with the knowledge of intergenerational historical trauma.  She believes that this jewelry will provide you with the power and energy you need for the day.